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Tom Spaid

March 2018 - Eldersburg, Maryland

Great time at your Mason Dixon Seminar back in March, the training was awesome. We just completed the 180 on the whoa post with Natty, transitioning to the e-coller worked to perfection. So happy we got on board with your training. Natty likes watching your DVD's, see attached. Looking forward to your next visit in Maryland.

Marc W Shroyer

Marc W Shroyer

Fall 2011 - Bartlesville, OK

Right before my son had turned 10 my wife and I were able to get him an English Pointer pup with the help of Ronnie and Susanna. Eight months later we had "Chimp" enrolled in his first class. We made the short drive every Saturday to walk along Ronnie and the staff as they worked not only our dog but others as well. One week after graduation we went back and Ronnie spent almost an entire morning teaching my son how to control and hunt his dog. The professionalism and kindness that Ronnie Smith Kennels has shown us will be remembered with every hunt.

Tim Fiedler

Summer 2014 - Big Cabin, OK

My story begins when I buy my first dog in 32 years. Harold Biebel provides me a 6 month old female pup from Chad Holman with Grand Junction Jake and Gambler's Ace in the hole on the sire's side. I attended Pheasant Fest 2014 in February in Milwaukee, and sat in on Rick Smith's Seminars. Rick quickly convinced me that the Smith's knew dog training and Brittany's. I decided to go to a Smith seminar on dog training at Ronnie Smith Kennels. In that weekend I learned a TON of useful information on how to train my dog, "Penny". The most important thing I learned is that I could ruin 15 dogs trying to train them before I got it right, or I could leave her with Ronnie Smith and Susanna Love and they would give me back a well mannered, well trained dog. The normal course takes three months @ $700 per month- birds included. I did visit about half way through the training, and saw encouraging progress. As it turned out, due to my schedule, I had to leave my dog for four months, so she got an extra month of training (which I HIGHLY recommend - Ronnie or I will be happy to share why that makes some sense). Net, Penny is an absolute pleasure to be around and take in the field. She does every behavior that is promised on the web site. the most fun is heeling off the leash as you walk into the field, perfectly off your left knee. Two quick blasts of the whistle, and she takes off hunting like someone lit a rocket. It is so cool to see. Comes when calls, turns and checks in, goes with you, calm and well mannered. She is amazing to watch, and a joy to take out to the field. No, she is not perfect (she just turned one) and may never be perfect, but I am convinced, she is the best dog right now she is capable of being. WAY better than anything I could do. For the fun I will have with her together for hopefully the next 10 - 12 years, the money was inconsequential. Ronnie and Susanna can't make a dog better than her genetics and talent. But I will bet that they will get all that dog is capable of and maybe a little more. More importantly, they won't let you waste your money. If your dog doesn't have what it takes to be a good hunting dog, they will call you up and ask if you want to pick up the dog, rather than waste money. I know this because I saw it happen. High integrity, wonderful care for your dog, really nice people, superlative results. If you want the closest thing to a "sure thing" in a bird dog - get the best genetics you can buy (like a Biebel Brittany) and give that dog to Ronnie and Susanna to work their magic. I am happy to take any calls or questions.

Patrick Back

May Class 2012 - Henderson, NV

We have no children. My bride asked if we could get a dog. Ouch! I never had a dog before. I'm a hunter, so how about a hunting dog? I researched bird dogs for the best part of a year. We settled for a GSP. Nice! Puppy or finished dog? I opted for a puppy that I would train myself. Ouch! It took us two years to train our happy girl to have happy feet. We had to keep saying "whoa" when she picked up scent, with little results. Sigh! Books said that if you train your own pup, you get better acquainted with her. Oh yeah? Yeah, if you are a dog trainer. I can fly an airplane for fun, but when I need to land in a snowstorm I hire a commercial pilot. I can build a pigeon coop, but if I had a mansion I would hire a carpenter for my cabinets. Same with a pup. I can train a pup for pen-raised quail and pheasant, but if I wanted to go wild-any-bird hunting I would hire a professional dog trainer. Which I did. Wow! If I had to start all over again, my dilemma would be: Option 1. Get a finished dog from Ronnie Smith Kennels, plan my vacation to visit their facilities to learn how to handle her, then be in the top 1% of bird hunters - better than on the outdoor channel. Exciting! Option 2. Get a pup, plan my vacation to visit Ronnie Smith Kennels to learn how to handle my pup, get her trained at their facilities, then be in the top 1% of bird hunters. Awesome! Option 2 will be emotionally the hardest because your pup will have to be away from home for 3 months during training. Long! Training your pup yourself (no professional trainer), option1 or option 2 will all be in the same ballpark budget. I would pick option 1. Which I did for our boy. Perfect! In Oklahoma, I saw my girl becoming an Olympic athlete, what she is bred for, what she loves to do. That changed my life. For the better! As soon as she picks up scent she freezes and stays steady until I arrive. My heart skips a few beats along the way. I wish I could show you! I wish my bride had asked for a pup sooner.

Laurie Back

May Class 2012 - Henderson, NV

My husband and I first met Ronnie and Susanna in March of 2012. We had met a few hunting dog trainers in the past, and there always seemed to be something missing. My husband had done a lot of research on hunting dogs and hunting dog trainers, and we found our way to Ronnie and Susanna. In May that year we sent our GSP to the summer class, and yes we were concerned about leaving our little girl for 3 months without seeing her. Ronnie suggested that we make a visit at least 3 times during the training class, once during each section of the training. We visited Ronnie Smith Kennels and watched our girl and many other dogs during our 10-day stay. We were very impressed with the operation and the facility. Our girl was doing great. We managed to come back 2 more times during the training and were able to see the progress our dog made. It was unbelievable. As I said earlier, we had been to many trainers and could not see the results we saw at Ronnie Smith Kennels. I fell in love with the whole concept of the training, the relationships these experts shared with the dogs, and the professionalism displayed by all. Now it is 2014 and I am very proud to say that our dogs, both trained by Ronnie Smith Kennels, are top notch and a joy to be around. Oh yes, I said "both" dogs. We bought an English Pointer from Ronnie and Susanna in 2012 as well. We had asked for advice on how to acclimate a new dog to our family and Susanna had advised us that this particular Pointer would be the best choice for our family. She was right on. These folks really know their craft and we would highly suggest not to go down the same road we did. If you get a new dog.....give Ronnie and Susanna a call as soon as the pup is ready. Go to a seminar if you are even thinking about getting a hunting dog, and listen and learn. Rick Smith and Ronnie Smith are out there. Go find 'em.

Mike goldsmith

2009/2013 - Valley Center, California

For anyone that wants to have a quality training experience and a dog that will be head and shoulders above the rest, come to Ronnie Smith Kennels. I have always been a retriever owner and in 2009 got my first pointer. I asked around for a trainer and was told Ronnie was the best. By chance, he was doing a 3 day seminar in my area so I attended to see how he trained and how he communicated with his clients. I was very pleased with his training seminar and the individual attention he gave each participant. I immediately booked a space in his training and flew my dog to Ronnie. During the next 6 months, I talked to Ronnie about the dogs progress and twice flew out to be trained with the dog. That is an experience every owner should take Ronnie up on. Not only do you get the knowledge and skills to work your dog, you learn the proper corrective measures to keep you both successful through the years. When you work at the kennel, you have the great opportunity to work with Gabe, Ronnies assistant trainer and Susanna. Both are very knowledgeable in training. Don't think Ronnie is the only one on the ranch who knows what to do! You get the benefit of all 3 to help you train. When you go be prepared to work as much as you want. The one on one interaction is invaluable. I recently went back and took my dog to the advanced seminar. A very intensive tune up session with a small group of other dogs and handlers. People who hunt with me always ask who trained my dog. Without hesitation I reply, Ronnie Smith Kennels, send your dog to the best. I then always get follow up questions on proper dog training methods. I always explain that I have been trained as a handler and am not a trainer and that Ronnie and the rest did the job. My English pointer Maggie has been in the field for 5 season and has been on over 800 birds. The training works, do not hesitate to use Ronnie. I have just sent and got my second pointer back from him. The results are as expected. A well trained dog that enjoys the hunt. Hunting with a trained bird dog is incredible.

Roxann Campbell

Spring 2011 - Tallahassee, FL

My experience with the Smith family of trainers began with attending a foundation seminar provided by Rick Smith. I learned so much, but I also realized that my goal of competing in advanced AKC Hunt Tests and Gun Dog Stakes was not going to be reached unless I sought help from a professional pointing breed trainer. I called Rick, (yes, he remembered me from his seminar!) and asked him to recommend a trainer, and he in turn recommend Ronnie. I was a little apprehensive in taking my dog half way across the country, but made the decision to pursue this lead. From the moment my husband and I talked to Ronnie and Susanna, we felt welcomed and we knew Abigail, our GSP, was going to be well cared for. It's pretty darned hard to leave your family member at a kennel 1,000 miles from your home unless you feel 100% confident your dog is going to be cared for and given the attention they need to accomplish your training goals. I've had 2 GSP's trained by Ronnie and Susanna. Both have field points and both have full potential in becoming AKC Dual Champions. The training and coaching provided by Ronnie and Susanna has helped me understand my dog's behavior, improve my training skills and become a much better handler in the field whether I am competing or pleasure hunting my dogs. For me, the quality of service and attention provided by Ronnie and Susanna is impeccable. They are honest, and truly care about their human and canine clients. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Ronnie Smith Kennels and training seminars.

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