The Silent Command System of Bird Dog Training: Volume 2 (Intermediate)

The Silent Command System of Bird Dog Training: Volume 2 (Intermediate)

The Intermediate video covers the second stage of formal training. This video will show you how to use the foundation you have developed to transition all of your cues to low level cue of an e-collar without ever confusing your dog. At this stage you can begin to steady your dog on game, handle him in the field with remote cues, and heel off lead.

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Ready to train your bird dog? Our Silent Command System DVD series give you a step-by-step system to train your own bird dog. Our system has developed through decades of training dogs and we follow it in training all breeds of pointing and flushing dogs.  We believe you can sucessfully train your dog by following this system too.

Our Intermediate video is the second stage of formal training in the training format and will continue from the Silent Command System I Foundation DVD. This video shows you how to take the skills developed during your Foundation workouts and begin applying them in less controlled environments. You will learn how to transition from the mechanical cue of a rope to the remote cue of an e-collar...without confusing your dog. This video will go over using the points of contact developed during the Foundation stage to be able to off lead heel your dog, handle your dog in the field, begin having your dog honor another dog's point, and begin to steady your dog up on birdwork. Also included in the video are tips and insight from Delmar Smith.

This video is the fourth step in naturally developing a bird dog that is a pleasure to be around. We suggest beginning the development of your bird dog with Puppy Development I "Setting Your Pup Up For Success," Puppy Development II "Introduction to the Field," and then begin formal training with The Silent Command System I "Foundation Training."

Running time: approx: 100 minutes

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