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Having trouble heeling your dog? The Command Lead is a great way to teach your dog to heel calmly on a loose lead!

Developed by Delmar Smith this lead is the first step to getting your dog to join up with you and listen to cues.

Comes in white with a black rubber grommet.

6 ft lead

$34.99 + S&H

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"The best piece of bird dog training equipment I've ever bought"...

Ronnie's uncle and Field Trial Hall of Fame member, Delmar Smith, developed the Command Lead decades ago and since then it has been heavily relied upon by pet owners, bird hunters, and professional trainers alike to teach their dogs to heel properly. Well respected dog man, Ed Rader, is credited with being to first to call the Command Lead a "Wonder Lead" because he said "you will wonder how you ever got along without it." Whether you call it a Command Lead or a Wonder Lead, this tool will quickly become a favorite.

We use the Command Lead in all of our obedience work and bird dog training classes. We have 100% success teaching dogs to heel on a loose lead using this tool. The training goal with a Command Lead is to have a dog willingly walk beside you on a loose lead, responding to very light cues for direction or simply going with you in every movement of your body.

We often see high powered bird dogs pulling their owners around on a leash. This doesn't benefit the dog or the owner for multiple reasons. First, a dog that is in a pulling or "roading" state of mind is not listening to his owner for cues at all. Second, constant pressure on the dog's throat can cause permanent damage to the dog. Third, a dog that is used to pulling on a leash is much more likely to pull free and run off or get in a dangerous situation.

When used correctly, the Command Lead changes a dog's state of mind. The Lead will get a dog to begin to look to his handler for direction and will begin the process of teaching the dog that pressure on his neck carries meaning and there is an easy way to respond that causes the pressure go away completely. Dogs begin to learn to make their own decision to go with their handler and respond or yield to pressure (ie: a cue). As we work with dogs on the Command Lead we are able to use lighter and lighter cues, until it just takes a small movement of the lead to gain compliance from a willing canine partner.

The Command Lead is a core tool for the Smith Method of Training.

Color: white with a black rubber grommet

***Made in the USA!***

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