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A good check cord makes a world of difference when you are training your dog! This rope is manufactured specifically for our family and is the only check cord that we use when we are training dogs.

20 ft solid braid nylon rope for checkcording on birds

$34.99 + S&H

SKU: check-cord

This is the only checkcord that we use when we are training dogs.  It is constructed of 7/16 solid braid nylon rope this 20 foot check cord is stiff, making it easier to check cord your dog and less likely to chaff your hands. The hardware is solid Italian brass swivel snap.  This rope is made specifically for our family.  

Checkcording your dog in to birds can be a physical challenge. It is important to keep the rope up out of between your dog's feet and legs. You want to have the rope in the right position so that you can cue your dog to change directions as needed. The stiffer a checkcord rope is, the easier it is to checkcord.

While checkcording is not an easy exercise, this rope will make it much better. We think you will see why we recommend it!

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