Presentation Seminar

Presentation Seminar

The Presentation Seminar is designed to present a condensed version of our entire bird dog training format.  This is a demonstration seminar, so leave your dog at home, and come listen to Ronnie give an overview of our system.  The topics he will cover will begin with the importance of puppy development and how to help your young dog bring out his inherent prey drive.  From there he will continue in to the basics of formal training, including checkcording, heeling, teaching whoa or hup and transition to the e-collar.  At the end of the day Ronnie will wrap up with how to steady up your dog and finish his formal training.  If time allows Ronnie will also go in to discussing transition from pen raised birds to wild birds and transition from training to field trialing.  As always, questions are always welcome!

*If you would like Ronnie to consider using your dog as one of his demonstration dogs, contact us at the kennel prior to the seminar you will be attending.

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