Foundation Seminar

Foundation Seminar

A foundation gives you a solid base to build upon and is the first formal step in molding your pup into a good bird dog. With Rick or Ronnie’s guidance, you will actually begin your dog’s formal training during this event. In its simplest form, a bird dog needs to know three behaviors; to go with youcome to you, and stand still. Rick and Ronnie have a way of keeping things simple but giving you information that is applicable throughout your dog’s life.

Your instructor will show you how to have your dog walk calmly beside you on a loose lead (the onset of having your dog go with you in the field), introduce your dog to birds, develop points of contact for cues for stopping, turning and recall, work your dog on a check-cord, including pointing and backing exercises…and much more. Key training tools at this stage are the Smith’s Wonder Lead (aka "Command Lead"), check cord, and whoa post. This is the beginning of teaching your dog the fundamentals that every bird dog needs to know. The Foundation is the most important phase of training your bird dog.

All of our seminars are geared to help bird dog owners develop a better relationship with their dogs, both at home and in the field. The Smith Training Method concentrates on animal behavior and reading what each individual animal is feeling. We believe that to understand the world through your dog’s point of view, you first have to be able to understand your dog’s true nature. Throughout the weekend, attendees will be given tips on reading dog's body language, as it is a dog’s sole means of communicating with his owner. Over the course of the weekend, you’ll be able to improve your ability to read your dog’s body language and understand his canine nature.

Our seminars are all about teaching you how to train your bird dog.  So come prepared to be given a lot of information!  Remember, we are not training your dog over the course of the weekend.  We are training you to train your dog!

All pointing and flushing breeds are welcome at our seminars!  If you have a puppy, feel free to bring him.  He may not be old enough to begin his formal training, but we can introduce him to birds and create a great opportunity for socialization!

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