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Tippi is an experienced 4 1/2 year-old spayed female, with a calm, quiet, easy handling personality. She's naturally a close to mid-ranging dog with a consistent medium pace, but her range will extend in the open prairies. She's an honest bird finder that accels in handling jumpy birds, but easily transitions to preserve situations. While Tippi has primarily hunted Oklahoma bobwhites, her hunting season begins each year on the northern prairies in September and ends Texas in late February. She has traveled to Montana for the Wild Bird Excursion with RSK, South Dakota for prairie chicken and sharptail grouse, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas for Bobwhites, and most recently (Sept '21) Wyoming for huns and sage grouse hunting.

Tippi is steady to wing, breaks on shot, honors naturally on sight, heels off lead, and has a natural retrieve. She handles easily, rarely needing a correction (lightest setting on e-collar), and has a happy tail-up personality. She does best in a consistent environment and does not respond well to yelling or over stimulation with an e-collar. 

Tippi was house trained as a puppy and is reliably calm/quiet while inside. She is exposed daily to a toddler helping with dog chores and is calm and happy with each interaction. Although she stays primarily in the kennel, she is often brought inside on the weekend and has spent a fair amount of time on a leash going for walks and runs, so she makes a pretty fun companion outside of bird season. 

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