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This has been an exciting litter to whelp and are solid wild bird hunting dog prospects!

Georgia has been a family favorite since she was a pup. She has always been that dog that would come in the house and lay down with the kids to watch a movie. In the yard, she's happy-go-lucky, just wanting to enjoy herself and retrieve a few things! In the field she has been one of those select dogs that we have leaned on to create great experiences for our clients. Georgia is level headed, easy to work with and handle, is classy on point, and is overall nice to have around. To say the least, Georgia is the type of dog that works in our lives and we'd like to have a few more of her!

When we began looking for a match for Georgia our first phone call was to Bob Konz of Hackberry Kennels. We told Bob to tell us which dog in his facility he would recommend for us to breed to. Without reservation he said he felt very confident in the pups his dog Chief was throwing and that Chief was an excellent wild bird dog. We had a match. Simple as that.

Chief is a large framed liver and white dog with loads of style. He is a grandson of Elhew Hitman, a great-grandson of CH Elhew Explorer. Chief is a grandson of famed HOF CH Sunflower (blue hen and daughter of HOF Elhew Snakefoot). Elhew Snakefoot was one of Bob Wehle's more notorious Hall of Fame dogs and he shows up in Chief's pedigree multiple times. His picture and pedigree are available on Hackberry's website. 

These pups have been a lot of fun to set up on the road to success. 

Status on the pups in this litter:

Sunshine: (spoken for by Hackberry Kennels) bold and classy liver female

Mint: (spoken for by RSK) deep orange female that reminds us of her great, great-granddaddy!

Steelie Boy: (spoken for by RSK) clean bodied orange male that is oozing class

Ranger: (sold) super classy liver ticked male that is always going somewhere with business on his mind

Rusty: (sold) the little guy in the litter that is feisty and full of life!

Smoke: (sold) Mr. Super Cool, has the attitude and class to go with his unique orange markings!

Steelie Girl: (sold) Sweet Steelie is more of a lemon color female, she has a super sweet demeanor and looks like she'll have style for miles

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