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***Update: As of 11/18/22 our puppy applications are full. We will be reaching out to applicants confirming their status soon. Thank you so much for everyone’s interest and excitement on this beautiful litter!***

***Update: As of 11/17 we only have 2 male spots remaining available.***

We are excited to welcome the next generation of Smith Brittanys! We have been eager to see what two of our favorite Brittanys in our kennel would produce and now those offspring are here! There are a total of 11 beautiful, healthy puppies (5 male / 6 female). We will holding the option of keeping either a female and/or a male. There will be at least 9 puppies available (4 male & 5 female) to go to new homes the week after Christmas (they will be 8 weeks on December 26, 2022).

If you would like to get on the list for one of these puppies, please fill out the application at this link.

When Ronnie introduces a dog as "Gorgeous," it tends to pique people's interest and curiosity. First, if you know Ronnie, you know that most dogs in the kennel are frequently referred to as "Sis" or "Son." That's the norm around here. But, one dog stands out in our kennel with the nickname of "Gorgeous." Her true call name is Jewel (registered Osage Prairie Jewel), but everything about her from her conformation, to movement in the field, to her markings and personality are, at the risk of sounding redundant, gorgeous.

We purchased Jewel from Northern Star Brittanys as a puppy after falling in love with the style and looks of her dam, Northern Star's Diamond Lace. Last year as a first year dog, Jewel skated through her formal training with ease. She is consistent and responsive, both in the field and at home. She has the style and focus in the field that is a good match for our dogs. She is easy to work with and easy to be around. She has a level mindset that is a prerequisite for all of our dogs. Everything about Jewel ticks off the list of our requirements for our personal dogs. 

Red (registered "Red Tall Chief of the Osage) is one of the puppies we kept out of our first breeding with Blanca (Osage Prairie White Oak) and Chief (2xNGDC GFC AFC DC Hope's Chief Of Crosscreek). Red was almost a carbon copy of one of our all-time top performing Brittanys, Chief (registered Tall Chief of the Osage) and we knew he needed to stay with us. Red has since gone on to look and perform almost exactly like his namesake. He is a large framed dog that covers the country with ease and has tons of style on point. He has a personality that draws you in and makes you want to just hang out with him.

We take all of our pups through the Supper Puppy Program. This program has been shown to help stimulate development and set dogs up to be able to better handle small stressors or changes in environment/sensation throughout life. We see this as the first of many steps in building a resilient and confident bird dog.

As the pups grow, we will continue their development with sensory enrichment experiences (tunnels, new sounds, different toys, experiences, etc). They will be introduced to house breaking through the use of a litter tray and a dog door leading outside. By 7 weeks of age we expect them to be very successful in going to the bathroom either in the tray or yard. Our whelping room usually stays pleasant with very few mishaps.

As the pups get a little older, they will be able to take frequent walks with us in the field to learn how to navigate taller vegetation, rocks, etc. This exercise helps to imprint them with the concept of “going with you” in the field. They will be exposed to pigeons and then quail. We constantly work to begin building a natural retrieve and encourage the pups to carry things in their mouths. They will be imprinted with the concepts of standing still for attention and coming when called. We see these things as critical elements in the early development of bird dogs.

These puppies will be picked up at RSK beginning December 27, 2022. All travel arrangements and expenses will be the responsibility of the new owner. Each puppy will go home with a travel bag with a Puppy Development DVD, bowl, water jug, and a small bag of the feed that that we recommend (Purina Pro Plan). At pick up time each puppy will: have pre-paid registration through American Kennel Club, be current on shots, be current on wormer, and have dewclaws removed and tail docked.

These pups will be available to serious hunting and/or field trial homes only. Preference will be given to homes that will give the most opportunity, development, training, and experiences. While these dogs make great pets and are sweet and personable, we will not sell them to purely pet homes. We feel that these puppies deserve to get to hunt and fulfill their genetic purpose.

These pups will be eligible to come back for our Fall 2023 or Spring 2024 Training Classes. They will be guaranteed a spot in the class when the training reservation is filled out at the time of the puppy's send home.

We care about the future of our puppies; preference will be given to potential buyers that: will fully train their dog or have a professional fully train the dog, are serious about hunting upland game with their dog or field trialing, and understand the impact socialization and exposure have on a dog's development and success.

If you are interested in one of these pups, please fill out the Puppy Application linked here.

A little more background on the pups and their heritage...

This line of Brittanys goes back to the very first legendary dogs that Delmar Smith achieved field trial history with, which ended up putting both him and multiple dogs in the Hall of Fame (HOF). Just some of the remarkable dogs that found their way into Delmar's life and ended up contributing valuable genetics to our bloodlines include FC Holiday Britt (HOF), Towsey (HOF), Pacolet Cheyenne Sam (HOF), and Holliday Britt's Bazooka (HOF), and Way-Kan Jill (HOF). After Delmar's retirement from his field trial career, Rick Smith took up the torch handling and winning with distinctive dogs such as NFC/FC/AFC Hi Proof Rum Runner (HOF), Pacolet Cheyenne Sam (HOF), and Perry's Rustic Prince (HOF). Generation after generation of this pup's lineage have been tied to our family. The more recent generations have not been campaigned in field trials, but have instead been heavily relied upon on our professionally guided hunts on wild quail in Texas. South Texas, in particular, has been our dog's proving ground for decades. It is our belief that a Brittany that can reliably produce quality hunts in the pastures we have hunted in South Texas, can do the same anywhere in the country. Red is a grandson of one of the best Brittanys we have produced, Tall Chief of the Osage. Rick is responsible for breeding Chief's sire, B.B.s Got Rhythm, who was one of our top guide Brittanys for many years before his son, Chief, took the helm. Chief was a powerhouse of a Brittany. He went to the country with style, endurance, and heart. She is not one to lay on the couch for long. He was always quiet and laidback in the kennel, and then would give his fullest in the field. Rick also gave us Chief's grandmother, Osage, who was a little firecracker in the field. 

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