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We have been waiting for over a year to achieve this breeding and are very happy to announce the arrival of our Rosa pups! Rosa had 6 beautiful Brittany puppies: 2 females and 4 males. They are healthy and growing fast!

Rosa (Osage Spanish Rosa) is a small framed dog that is full of personality. Because of her good looks and sweet personality Rosa is the dog that people most frequently ask about when they visit the kennel. She is easy to work with, great with kids, and a pleasure to be around. Rosa is a snappy, but easy to manage dog in the field with a medium race. She is the embodiment of the qualities most people think of when describing a Brittany.

Rosa is the only pup we kept out of our female Osage Rita Roan (Rita). Rita, in her youth, was one of the hardest working dogs on our guide string in Texas. Rita and her littermate, Tall Chief of the Osage (Chief), are some of the most outstanding Brittanys we have raised and hunted. Rosa's sire is NAFC GFC FC AFC Spanish Corral's Sonny Patch (Patch). Not only did Patch earn a long list of field trial accolades during his career, but he also was used on professionally guided wild chukar hunts in challenging terrain. His ability to perform on rugged wild bird hunts and to produce outstanding offspring were a couple of our reasons for selecting Patch as a stud.

We generally breed to sires that fall within two categories: 1) dogs we have personally trained and/or hunted with or 2) dogs whose offspring we have personally trained and/or hunted with. The sire of this litter, Tex (Puckett's Texas Hellion Touchdown) falls under the first category. The first time we met Tex he was 8 weeks old. We immediately took note when he ran around our property as if it was his conquered territory. A few months later we got to put Tex on some quail and were equally impressed with his attitude and performance. The third encounter we had was his stay with us for Formal Training, which he easily progressed through with heart, mental resilience, style, and intensity. Tex was fun to train and stood out in every way. Tex, a son of NAFC GFC GAFC FC AFC Anj's Ohio Hellion, has a bright career ahead of him.

We spend an extensive amount of time developing our young pups. We believe the imprinting each puppy receives at a young age makes a significant difference in their lives. All of our puppies go through the Supper Puppy Program to stimulate their early development and set them on the path to being bold and confident animals who are able to adjust to small stressors and changes in environments/sensations. As the pups grow, we will continue development with sensory enrichment experiences (tunnels, new sounds, different toys, etc). Our pups are whelped in a climate controlled room with heated floors and a large exercise area for when they start going outside. They will be introduced to the concept of house training with both the use of a litter tray and a dog door to the outside.

As our pups get a little older they take frequent walks with us to learn how to navigate taller vegetation, water, rocks, etc. They will be imprinted to “go with you” in the field. They will be exposed to birds and have been encouraged to carry things in their mouths. These are all critical elements in the early development of bird dogs.

We breed for quality. We are invested in our dogs and dedicated to knowing what they produce in order to make decisions in the next generation. In light of that dedication and our excitement of this litter, we are reserving the option of keeping a male and a female from this litter to develop, train, hunt, and potentially breed once they have proven their qualifications to us. 

Our dogs are great companions, but they also have drive and desire to be active in the hunting field. We do not sell to pet homes. We are working hard to ensure that our puppies go to homes that are a good fit for them. Preference will be given to homes that are able to properly develop, provide structure, training, and hunting opportunities.

The process of picking puppies will start when they are about 6 weeks old. We will match puppies with their new homes based what we feel is the best fit for each prospective buyer, drawing on our time spent with the pups studying each individual's behavior during their early development. 

Pups will be available to be picked up on February 12 at our facility. Any travel arrangements and cost will be the responsibility of the buyer. At the time of pickup the puppies will be up-to-date on all vaccinations and deworming. All pups will have pre-paid registration through American Kennel Club. All pups are priced at $2,200. A deposit of $200 will be due at the time buyer is approved for purchase (deposit will be applied to the purchase price).

Our puppies are in high demand and we will do our best to facilitate everybody we can. We do plan to have some great litters in 2022, so if you are not able to get a puppy out of this litter we can try to find a good match in an upcoming litter.

If you are interested in one of these pups, please reach out to us via email and provide the following information:

-traits you are looking for in a bird dog (performance in the field, personality, etc),

-amount and type of hunting or trialing you plan to do, and

-type of training you plan to do with your prospective dog

***Please note: Currently all puppies in this are spoken for.***

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Pups From This Litter

We currently have no puppies from this litter. We will be loading individual pup information and photos as they become available. If you would like to be notified, please contact us and we will notify you when they have puppies.

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