We are primarily a professional bird dog training facility, however, we do raise a few select litters of puppies each year. We continue to breed and improve our historic line of Smith Brittanys, as well as maintain a solid line of English pointers. Our main purpose in breeding is to bring up new dogs in our guide string, having puppies available for sale is a by-product of maintaining our own string of dogs.

We also offer a variety of breeds of trained gun dogs and field trial prospects for sale. These are typically dogs that we have raised in our home or yard and have worked with extensively. If we do not have what you need we will do our best to source a bird dog that fits your needs through our network of qualified certified trainers.

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Our main purpose in breeding is to continue our lines of Brittanys and English pointers and to fill places on our string of dogs. It is our goal to have conformationally correct, hardworking, stylish bird dogs that are a pleasure to be around both in the field and the home. We breed with the intention of developing canine mindsets that can be composed and level-headed, yet perform at a very high level. We want our dogs to be the dogs that go everywhere with their owners because they are a pleasure to be around and to be dogs who reliably perform in the field.

Our available puppies will be ready to go to new homes sometime after 8 weeks of age. Prices for our Brittany puppies start at $2,000. Other breeds of puppies start at $1,200.

Due to the hardworking, athletic nature of bird dogs, we do not sell pets. Generations of these dogs have been developed for a specific set of traits and we feel obligated to give these pups hunting or trialing homes where they can be successful. 

We are planning to have both Brittany and English pointer litters in 2021. As soon as those litters are available, we will place them on our litters page.

We are excited about sharing these bloodlines with people who appreciate them and who are captivated by these animals as much as we are!

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Periodically we have trained dogs available. These are dogs that have successfully completed our Basic Training Class. They may have extensive wild bird experience and/or be trained to retrieve. Prices will begin at $2,500.

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