Boots & Bird Dogs!

Boots & Bird Dogs!



Home to thousands of buffalo, mustangs, the Pioneer Woman, and RSK, Osage County offers its own brand of western experience. We love to share our little corner of north central Oklahoma with other outdoor-minded people and we are proud to be able to host another wholly unique weekend of fun in the Osage this fall! 

This weekend event is centered around an appreciation for our surroundings and a desire to gain better understanding of handling animals. We will give detailed demonstrations with bird dogs and illustrate the parallels in handling dogs and working with other animals (ie: horses). Not only will attendees be able to learn more about bird dogs and hunting, but they will be able to experience the hills of the Osage from horseback. Our co-host, Joni Nash, has some special treats lined up that can only be experienced in our region. We will be immersed in the culture, the history, and the lifestyle in the Osage.

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An animal's mindset

An Animal's Mindset

We (Ronnie Smith & Susanna Love) believe it is imperative to understand individual animal's mindsets in order to be able to care for, train, and interact in a healthy way with our dogs. Accomplishing a better understanding of animals is the theme of this weekend. We will talk in depth about discovering your dog's individual traits and mindset and how to utilize that knowledge to be a better owner and trainer. 

In our bird dog training format, the mindset of the dog is the number one criteria. We feel that getting a dog in the right state of mind is the first step in anything that you do with him. This holds true across the board whether doing obedience or field work, working with a puppy or a trained adult. 

Preparation for training begins with puppy development and the idea of creating a learning mindset as early as 3 months of age. Steven Haynes, founder of Dog Specialist, will be available over the weekend to discuss his philosophy of imprinting puppies and teaching obedience from an early age. 

Osage Outfitters

Cowboy Gear

These private coaching sessions are balanced with a taste of multiple aspects of the Osage County experience. Friday evening will kick off at Osage Outfitters with our Boots, Hats, & Cocktails Hour.  Osage Outfitters, our local supplier of all things western style and cowboy gear, will be open exclusively for our attendees' enjoyment during this time. Attendees can opt to purchase some beautiful cowboy hats and have them custom shaped to the attendees' specifications. Walls of boots in all colors, heights, and styles are available for the attendees to peruse. Anything needed for a night out on the town or for the trail ride the next day can be found at this unique venue. Cocktails will be provided by the neighboring Dry Hollow Bar. 

Custom Hat Shaping

Get a new hat shaped during Boots, Hats, & Cocktails!

Pioneer Woman

Private Family Style Dinner by the Pioneer Woman's Mercantile

Prepare your appetite because, Friday's activities will culminate with a private family style dinner created and served by the chefs at the Pioneer Woman's Mercantile at their Special Event Center in downtown Pawhuska. The Pioneer Woman's cooking is well known to be delicious and plentifully served! Sharing good food and stories with like minded people tends to create an evening of memories and friendships. The good time does not have to end with dessert, as the balcony at the Boarding House overlooking Kihekah Avenue will be open for attendees for the remainder of the evening.

The Ranch Room at the Boarding House

Cowboy Luxury Lodging

The ultimate cowboy luxury lodging will be provided at the Pioneer Woman's Boarding House. This small town, boutique hotel contains 8 charming suites that have been personally designed and decorated by Ree and Ladd Drummond. Rooms at the Boarding House have been known to book 6 months out in less than an hour and we are fortunate to have been able to secure all of them for this event. Each room has its own distinctive theme and feel. If you have a room preference, be sure to let us know when you sign up!

Wolf Creek Ranch

Horses and Dogs Combined

Many of the principles we follow in our interaction with our dogs actually have a broader application to other species as well. During this weekend we have the opportunity to travel just down the road to our neighbor, Wolf Creek Ranch, and see first hand how much of how we read a dog's mind and handle a dog actually applies to horses as well. Terms like "acknowledgement" and "joining up" that are used so often in our training format will be illustrated in a horse demonstration. We will then saddle up and apply some of the new principles learned to take a trail ride through the pastures of Wolf Creek. The idea of "cues" and how to implement them will be discussed in detail. First time riders and more experienced riders alike will gain new experience and add insight to their interaction with animals. 

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This unique weekend retreat offers a taste of the very things that makes Osage County so special. This is a small group event, catering to each individual's needs. There is a maximum of 8 rooms available for this event. Each single ticket includes one room (a King or a Queen bed) at the Boarding House, instruction, trail rides, entertainment, and food for one person over the weekend. Sign up for a double ticket and share a room and the experience with your friend or spouse!

Spots are filled on a first come, first served basis. So register early to ensure you get your desired room at the Boarding House! Also, there will be up to 8 spots open for dogs, so be sure to talk with RSK about the option of bringing your pointing dog! 



Friday, October 14, 2022

  • Check-in at RSK and drop off dogs and/or any equipment.
  • Orientation and jump in to bird dog discussions!
  • Get settled in at the Pioneer Woman Boarding House and enjoy wine and cheese on the private balcony with fellow attendees.
  • Boots, Hats, & Cocktails, a private shopping and happy hour at Osage Outfitters. Opportunity to buy a new hat and have it shaped just for you. And get set up with a new pair of cowboy boots while you're there!
  • The group will enjoy our Family Style Dinner by the Pioneer Woman Mercantile at the Event Center. 

Saturday, October 15

  • Morning pastries and coffee will be provided by Pioneer Woman Mercantile followed by morning sessions of dog demonstrations and instruction, discussion on home obedience, and shooting instruction.
  • After the morning sessions, a ranch lunch will be provided at RSK. 
  • The afternoon will be kicked off at Wolf Creek Ranch discussing animal behavior and a demonstration of the correlation between working dogs and horses.
  • Optional 2 hour trail ride across the rolling pastures of Wolf Creek Ranch (alternative activities are available during this time too!). 
  • The group will enjoy a Barn Dinner at the Wolf Creek Event Center catered by the Painted Horse Grill. 

Sunday, October 16

  • The Mercantile will provide breakfast pastries and coffee on Sunday morning at RSK.
  • The entire group will come together for bird dog work in the field followed by in the field instruction on shooting over a pointing dog.
  • A ranch lunch will be provided at Prairie Hills before participants say their farewells and head home.

Contact RSK to Sign Up

This unique weekend retreat offers a taste of the very things that makes Osage County so special. This is a small group event, catering to each individual's needs. There are only a total of 8 rooms available for this event. Each single ticket ($2,950) includes one room (a King or a Queen bed) at the Boarding House, instruction, trail rides, entertainment, and food for one person over the weekend. Sign up for a double ticket ($3,850) and share a room and the experience with your friend or spouse!

Ticket Info

Your Reservation Provides:

  • Two nights stay in at the Boarding House (Friday & Saturday night),
  • Pioneer Woman pastry breakfasts (Saturday & Sunday morning),
  • Ranch Lunches (Saturday & Sunday),
  • Pioneer Woman private dinner at the Mercantile Event Center (Friday night),
  • Dinner at Wolf Creek Ranch catered by Painted Horse Grill (Saturday night),
  • Option of horseback trail ride at Wolf Creek Ranch (Saturday afternoon),
  • Two mornings of private instruction on shooting (including interactive instruction on shooting over pointing dogs in the field),
  • Two mornings of private instruction on bird dog field work and obedience,
  • Option of bringing your own dog and having it boarded and worked with over the course of the weekend.

*Transportation to and from Pawhuska for the event are not included. Any expenses incurred for items purchased at Osage Outfitters are the responsibility of the attendee.

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