RSK’s Annual Wild Bird Excursion

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Your dog’s hunting performance will benefit from regular workouts on wild birds in the hands of professional trainers. Young dogs see a significant increase in proficiency in handling, finding birds, and maturity.  For this reason, there’s always a little competition to see which of the young RSK dogs get to go on the trip.  This year RSK has two first year dogs…and you can bet both of these girls are going!

It has been a hot summer across a lot of the country.  Most likely your older dog has spent a lot of time lounging in the shade and is a little on the soft side.  A dog that has been laid up for the summer months simply isn’t going to be able to transition smoothly back to the bird field and will need some help before he can perform well on hunts.  This trip gives your dog that opportunity to get back in shape, proficient and focused for your hunts.

We guarantee your dog will never be lost amongst a sea of dogs while in any of our training programs. We work to bring out the best in each individual and “leave no dog behind.” Ronnie and Susanna will be spending plenty of one-on-one time with each dog during this trip.

No Dog Left Behind

Why should your dog spend September being trained by Ronnie and Susanna?

1)  A trained dog’s performance and proficiency always benefits from additional professional wild bird training.

      • ~First year dogs will transition from training on pen raised birds to the real world experience of wild birds.

      • ~Seasoned dogs will fine tune their hunting skills and be physically and mentally ready to hunt for you.  

2)  A solid month of wild bird exposure will be an experience your dog will draw from for the rest of his life, you can’t beat this experience for “making” a bird dog.  

3)  Your dog will receive individualized attention and care.

4)  Ronnie and Susanna constantly strive to keep their dogs in the best health by giving them good care and nutrition.

5)  This class gets your dog in proper conditioning for your hunts. 

Let Ronnie and Susanna do the training so that you can enjoy more of your hunts this year!  

(Click the link below to download signup form)

2011 Wild Bird Training Registration

*If your dog hasn’t been through our training format yet, it isn’t too early to reserve a place for him in next year’s Formal Training Class & Wild Bird Excursion.  Email Susanna for details.

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