Training Bird Dogs on Wild Birds

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Young dogs will have the chance to make the transition from pen raised birds to wild birds. Seasoned dogs will be able to refine and polish their skills.  This is a tune up that we recommend for any trained dog.  A month of working wild birds gets dogs physically and mentally fit and ready to perform their best for you this season.

Every day we will be working on handling, bird work, honoring, and conditioning. The dogs will have the chance to hone their ability to scent and work birds in adverse conditions.  Repetition of successful wild covey finds help create and/or maintain a proficient bird finder.

As a hunter, it is very difficult to effectively train a dog and get many game birds in your bag at the same time.  We have the advantage, as trainers, of being able to always focus on your dog during our workouts.  By sending your dog with us for training on wild birds, your hunts during the season will go smoother, as we will have consistently held your dog to a high level of performance during daily wild bird workouts.

These opportunities are a great experience for any dog.  Whether a young puppy needing bird exposure, a freshly trained dog in line for additional experience and to transition to wild game, a field trial dog, or a seasoned gun dog needing their annual tune up, all bird dogs can benefit from this program.

We are already close to full for our Montana trip.  However, if we don’t have room to take your bird dog north with us, we have plenty of room to work with them in Texas. For us, wild bird training programs are the ultimate in bird dog training.  We feel this is where the dogs really shine!

As always, thank you for entrusting your dog to our care.  It remains our goal everyday to set each dog up for success and help him be the best canine citizen he can be.  We hope to help you improve your relationship with your dog, as well as help you in all of your upland adventures.

Vizla on point in Montana


Our September program offers training on sharptail grouse, hungarian partridge, and some pheasant in Montana.  It doesn’t get any better than this for valuable bird exposure! This program is particularly beneficial in helping transition freshly trained dogs to hunt wild birds.  Sharptail grouse are notorious for getting up individually instead of in a single covey rise.  This allows each dog multiple learning opportunities and gives us multiple opportunities to train.  It also makes this program great for puppy development!

The travel time, physical conditioning, exposure to new upland game birds, and the additional training or fine tuning all ensure that your hunting partner is ready for a successful season.

COST: $750 (including transportation from RSK to Montana)

English Pointer on wild bob white quail in South Texas


(November – February)

The Texas quail season offers training on wild bob white quail. The dogs joining us for this program will have the opportunity to be worked both during live hunting situations and training exercises.  Texas is known for its challenging hunting conditions and for producing world class bird dogs. This is an opportunity for your dog to really rise to the top.

COST: $700/month (owner responsible for transportation to us in Texas)

Who Is Eligible?

  • Puppies (at least 6 months of age)
  • Any dog that has been trained using the Smith’s methods.  This includes all ages of gun dogs and field trial dogs

How to Ensure Your Dog Has a Spot in Our Program

  • Simply email us and we will give you access to the reservation forms.  Once we’ve received the forms and a deposit, your dog is guaranteed a spot with us.

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