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There’s excitement about the new social life. Of course, no college dorm would be complete without the 2 am “Chatty Kathy” that keeps everyone up late and makes it a little rougher to absorb the lessons of the early morning classes! Every bird dog class has at least one of those too! Overall, there’s just a little anxiety about the new environment and all the bustling activity on the grounds. There’s even an adjustment period while being introduced to the new curriculum and the teachers.

Our students however don’t gain the “Freshman Fifteen” from stress-eating through the transition. In fact, with any change in routine dogs are more likely to go off their feed temporarily and/or get loose stool for a short while. The folks at Purina have given us a useful tool that we have incorporated into our program. This tool is a powdered pro-biotic called FortiFlora.

Anytime you change your dog’s environment (ie: travel, boarding, etc) or ask a little extra from your dog (ie: during a hunt or a field trial) it is a good idea to utilize FortiFlora. This probiotic helps to keep your dog’s digestive system on track.

Ronnie’s uncle Delmar Smith has always coached us that the most important job in a kennel is that of the kennel washer. As usual, Delmar is absolutely right. The person washing kennels knows a great deal about each dog’s mindset and overall health. At RSK we pay special attention to each dog’s stool as it tells us how well the dogs are digesting their food and whether the dog is mentally and/or physically stressed. Our experience has been that FortiFlora keeps stools firmer during any type of stress and helps the dog to continue to digest the nutrients in their feed.

Often when putting an additive in your dog’s feed the main concern becomes disguising the additive so that your dog doesn’t pick around it, eating everything else. We’ve found that FortiFlora is so palatable that you can sprinkle the powder in an empty bowl and your dog will make sure the bowl is licked clean. Unlike the broccoli on your child’s plate, there’s no need to check up on your dog to make sure he’s eaten his pro-biotics.

We use FortiFlora proactively when we receive dogs for training, during any type of travel, and when our dogs have any added demands on their body. We’ve found it keeps our dogs healthier, keeps stools firm (after all a good stool is the first sign of a healthy dog), helps us keep a cleaner environment, and gives our dogs an added advantage when they need it most.

We believe in FortiFlora and think once you’ve used it you will believe in it too.  We’d love to hear your experiences with FortiFlora.  Email us your experiences with FortiFlora or connect with us on Facebook!

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