Billy Kinder Outdoors on RSK

Billy Kinder Outdoors on RSK

September 19, 2011 by

Keep your ear tuned in to the Big Billy Kinder Outdoors Show! You’ll soon hear  one-of-a-kind bird dog stories such as Puddles the field trial Brittany and her friend George, the pet bobwhite quail.

Bill Kinder happened to be at RSK at the same time this summer as Ronnie’s uncle and bird dog legend, Delmar Smith.  Bill was picking up his Brittany from training and Delmar…well, he comes by occasionally to keep us all in line!  The two sat down for a chat for the radio show. Delmar has spent his life training animals and he still has a way of teaching us at the same time he makes us laugh.

Delmar is always giving away pearls of wisdom.  Some of those pearls may be as simple, yet thought provoking as “You teach a dog something every time you put your hands on him” and “The last person to have touched a dog has left his fingerprints all over him.”

The dynamic duo of Bill Kinder & Delmar Smith is too entertaining to miss! Catch them in action on WBAP 820 in North Texas or the internet (podcasts are available for each show)!

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