2014 Bird Dog Training Seminar Schedule

2014 Bird Dog Training Seminar Schedule

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What Turns A Piece of Birdwork Into Artwork?  Your Training.

Train Your Dog With Rick & Ronnie Smith!

Rick & Ronnie combine dog psychology with good ol’ common sense help you teach your dog the disciplines of a fine bird dog.  They will walk you step-by-step through their training process.  For decades people have been successfully training their own dogs using this system.  Rick & Ronnie believe you can too.

Understanding your animal is the key to success in any training. At each seminar Rick & Ronnie concentrate on reading every dog’s body language and understanding his canine nature. They will spend time talking with you, both in group settings and individually. You and your dog will be given the opportunity to work together completing exercises under the Smith’s guidance.

Presentation Seminar

New seminar in 2014!

Experience our entire training format condensed in to one day and demonstrated by Ronnie. He will spend the day giving you an overview of the training system. He will go over the basic philosophy and demonstrate all of the most important steps you will take when training your dog. This is a quick way to see the entire training system in a nutshell and get some great insight on animal behavior.

More details on this seminar or view the presentation seminar schedule

Foundation Seminar

The Most Important Stage of Your Dog’s Training

A foundation gives you a solid base to build upon and is the first formal step in molding your pup into a good bird dog.  In the simplest form, a bird dog needs to know three behaviors; go with you, come to you, and stand still. We will show you how to have your dog walk calmly beside you (the onset of having your dog go with you in the field), introduce your dog to birds, develop points of contact for cues, work your dog on a checkcord, including pointing and backing exercises… and much more. Key training tools at this stage are the Command Lead, check cord, and whoa post. This is the beginning of teaching your dog the fundamentals that every bird dog needs to know.  No matter your level of expertise, the Foundation Seminar is the place to start with this training format.

More details on this seminar or view the foundation seminar schedule

Intermediate Seminar

Transitioning to Remote Cues

At this level you are well on your way to having your dog trained using the Smith method. To be ready for the seminar your dog should have a solid foundation and have completed all whoa post work. The Intermediate Seminar will take you through the transition to the remote cues of the e-collar. This transition to light cues with an e-collar allows you to heel your dog off lead, handle him in the field, train him to honor another dog’s point, and steady him on game. This seminar enables you to move away from training with the mechanical cues of a rope. One-on-one sessions with Rick or Ronnie, combined with numerous opportunities for learning from dogs on their bird work, make this a particularly fun seminar.

More details on this seminar or view the intermediate seminar schedule

Advanced Seminar

Tie It All Together & Complete Your Dog’s Training

Put the finishing touches on your dog in the Advanced Seminar. You will work one-on-one with Rick or Ronnie to make your good dog great.  Learn how to transition the e-collar to the neck, progress from pigeons to quail and finish steadying up your dog on birds. Plan on full days, hard work, and plenty of fun and learning. Signing Up Is Easy!

More details on this seminar or view the advanced seminar schedule

How to sign up for Our Seminars

Sign up online or call the host

To sign up for one of the seminars simply find the location closest for you and signup online or give the host a call.

Each seminar page will have the details if it is a online signup or you must call the host to signup.

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