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An Enduring History, Passion, and Dedication to Bird Dogs

We are proud to be one of the longest established multi-generational bird dog training facilities in the country. Our family has deep roots in training bird dogs and our passion for bird dogs thrives at our kennels today. Established in 1956 in the small community of Big Cabin, Oklahoma by Ronnie Smith Sr., the operation is now owned by trainers Ronnie and Susanna Smith in Osage County, Oklahoma.

The philosophy at Smith Kennels is to work with each dog to help them be mentally sound, proficient in the bird field, and a joy to be around wherever they are. A bird dog is really an adventure dog and should be able to adapt to any environment and remain composed, confident, and compliant.

Our bird dog training operation offers hundreds of acres of training grounds and a new first-class kennel facility. The rolling hills in Osage County, Oklahoma have become a mecca for bird dog owners across the nation. We welcome bird dogs and their owners for seminars, training, boarding, and experiences of a lifetime.

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