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Ronnie Smith Kennels Bird Dog Training
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Ronnie Smith Kennels established its tradition of training fine bird dogs in 1956. Fondly refered to as RSK, the kennels is one of the oldest bird dog training kennels under multi-generational family ownership in the country. It has been recognized as one of the best gun dog trainers in the South. RSK is home of the bird dog training duo Ronnie Smith and Susanna Love. The couple recently relocated from the old Smith homestead and original kennel facility in Big Cabin, Oklahoma to the rolling hills of northern Osage County, Oklahoma where they offer a state of the art facility and ideal training grounds. RSK welcomes dogs and owners from across the country for seminars, training, boarding, and experiences of a lifetime.

Bird Dog Training Classes

Ronnie and Susanna specialize in training pointing dogs and hold multiple bird dog training classes annually. The classes prepare young dogs for a lifelong career as a bird dog and companion. Pointing breeds are trained in all of the facets of being polished, proficient bird dogs. RSK canine alumni are always welcome to attend tune-up classes to further their proficiency and performance. Hunting season (November through February) offers the opportunity for dogs to participate by being a member of Ronnie and Susanna's guide string as they run hunts and work dogs in Texas on wild quail. 

Rick & Ronnie Smith Seminars

Our family began to develop the Smith Method of Training (aka The HuntSmith Silent Command System) in the 1950s. For over 60 years our family has continually worked collectively to improve the training method. Our training system continues to set the standard in bird dog training today with amateurs and professionals alike modeling their training from our system.

Sharing knowledge helps everyone involved in this sport that we all dearly love. All of the knowledge garnered by years (and generations) of our family training bird dogs is openly shared by Rick and Ronnie at their training seminars across the country. These seminars are a great opportunity to gain hands-on instruction on how to train your bird dog using this proven training method. We believe everyone, if given the opportunity, can successfully train their own bird dog. This is a training system that will walk you through each step in training your dog with purpose.  We’d love to see you at a seminar with either Ronnie or Rick!

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Bird Dog Trainer Apprenticeship

Ronnie and Susanna offer a unique experience to select group of people that wish to become professional bird dog trainers. The apprenticeships give an in-depth look at the Smith Training Method and the daily routine of a training kennel. Since this is such an intense program, there are limited spots available for the apprenticeships.

Bottom Line

The relationship between dog and owner is a special thing.  There are many nuances that impact that relationship and can make it a healthy or an unhealthy interaction. We hope to be a part of enriching your relationship with your dog and to help you maintain a lasting, healthy relationship with your bird dog that is instrumental in creating a lifetime of memories.

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