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Why Ronnie Smith Kennels?

Training Classes

First and foremost, we are bird dog trainers and we have a passion for working with dogs.  Every year we accept dogs from across the country for our training classes.  We have true respect for these animals and work very hard to bring out the best in each individual dog.  While we have a base ciriculum that we follow with each dog, we tailor our training to fit you and your dog's needs.  Dogs may be trained steady to wing, releasing on the shot or steady to wing and shot, for field trials or hunting, flushing or pointing.  We encourage owners to spend time in the field working dogs with us. This helps owners to gain a good understanding of our training format and how to apply it. 

Rick & Ronnie Smith Seminars

Every spring we travel across the US giving bird dog training seminars. These seminars are a great opportunity to gain hands on instruction on how to train your bird dog. We believe everyone, if given the opportunity, can successfully train their own bird dog. We’d love to see you at a seminar with either Ronnie or Rick!

Trainer Certifications

During our Basic Formal Training Classes, we open our facilities to dog enthusiasts and aspiring dog trainers to help them add to their knowledge of bird dogs.  During these apprenticeship we teach how to successfully train using the Silent Command System. The apprenticeships give an in depth look at our training system. Since this is such an intense program, there are limited spots available for the apprenticeships.

Bird Dog Training Supplies

Our online store offers you further backup through the availability of the dog training equipment that we rely on and use everyday. In our store you will find equipment such as checkcords, command leads (also known as “wonder leads”), leather collars, field first aid kits, and more. We also offer our own bird dog training videos to help you in raising a young bird dog puppy and successfully training bird dogs.

Dogs For Sale

Occasionally we have litters of well-bred Brittany, German Shorthair, or English Pointer puppies available, and we also often have started, broke, and finished upland bird dogs for sale. These dogs will be listed on our Dogs for Sale page. If you don’t see a dog on that page that fits your upland hunting needs, please let us know and we’ll do our best to help find a dog that will work for you.

We hope to see you in the field!

Ronnie & Susanna

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