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Advanced Level Huntsmith Trainer Jake Edwards

August 05, 2014 by

Every year we offer apprenticeships where people can immerse themselves in our stair-stepped format of training dogs and gain the proficiency needed to become a Huntsmith Certified Trainer. These apprentices work side-by-side with us as we are prepare for the day and get ready to train dogs at first light. They sweat with us as we checkcord braces of enthusiastic and rambunctious dogs in to multiple birds every morning and spend hours whoa posting with us every afternoon. It is a hands on learning process. The apprentices do all of this under our watchful eyes as we critique every minor technique and help them to train with confident proficiency. It is an intense experience for the apprentices, but one that prepares them for professionally training dogs using our training format (the Silent Command System, aka the Smith Method of Training).

Jake Edwards had in the past attended seminars with Rick Smith, had developed a good working knowledge of our training format, and had trained dogs for the public at his facility, Jacob Mark Kennels. However, after talking with Rick & Ronnie Smith at Pheasant Fest this spring, he decided to seek that next level and become a Huntsmith Certified Trainer. 

Having spent much of his youth working and hunting behind dogs, Jake had a very good understanding of animal behavior. He also had a good working knowledge of our training format. He took that knowledge and experience and hit the ground running during his apprenticeship. Jake quietly studied what we did with dogs, asked detailed questions and he quickly became part of the team here. 

We are proud to say that Jake earned his Advanced Level Certification with us. We expect great things from him as a member of Team Huntsmith. We look forward to having Jake back at RSK in the near future. He will be accepting dogs for training at Jacob Mark Kennels this coming spring. Look him up if you are in the area!

Congratulations Jake!
Learn more about Jake by visiting his website

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